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IFI CLAIMS ® Partners

IFI CLAIMS supports the following partners with either CLAIMS Classic, CLAIMS Global, or CLAIMS Direct.

Commercial Partners:

Proquest's Dialog ( information services help organizations across the globe drive innovation in such fields as business, science, engineering, and intellectual property. The Dialog portfolio of products and services, including Dialog® and ProQuest Dialog™, offers organizations the ability to precisely retrieve data from more than one billion unique records of authoritative information, accessible via the Internet or through delivery to the enterprise. An acknowledged leader in electronic information access and delivery, the company offers online access to more than 600 databases.

Digital Science

SureChem ( offers a suite of patent chemistry data solutions developed and operated by Digital Science, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd. SureChemOpen is a free resource for researchers who want to link to patent chemistry. SureChemPro is a web-based app with all the tools and functionalities for professional patent chemistry search. SureChemDirect provides an API and data feed solutions for easy integration of structure and patent data into internal workflows and applications.

Google Patents ( is a free service that allows users to discover, search, and read patent documentation. Their Prior Art Finder provides a one-click prior art search over the web, patents, scholarly articles, and books.

Gridlogics ( is a global patent solutions provider whose flagship product Patent iNSIGHT Pro is in use by more than 400 users across corporations, law firms, service providers and even technology startups. Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a fully-featured patent analytics solution that includes powerful tools to import, clean and slice-dice patent data and finally generates charts and visuals as per user needs. Gridlogics combines technology leadership with deep patent industry expertise to come up with products that ease day-to-day challenges faced by patent professionals.

Gridlogics' latest product PatSeer is a web-based, patent research platform that combines global patent data coverage with powerful patent search, analysis, project management and collaboration capabilities.

IALE Technologia IALE ( is a key player in Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence in particular in Spain and Latin America and a reference provider of knowledge/innovation management solutions for governments, companies and research institutions. Their expertise lies in customized Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence based products and services helping organizations to make the best decisions on innovation and technology.

Linguamatics Linguamatics ( provides agile, high performance text mining software, enabling rapid discovery of information from text. NLP-based mining of unstructured text – such as scientific papers, patent documents and news - provides a powerful alternative to conventional search approaches. The company’s flagship product, I2E, is available as an in-house enterprise system, a cloud service including the IFI patent content and an outsourced managed service. High-value applications for I2E include competitive intelligence analysis, patent analysis, product R&D, social media mining and sentiment analysis.

Partner Questel Questel ( has been focusing on its core business, Intellectual Property since its inception in the early 70’s. We provide a suite of leading-edge patent and industrial design services to researchers, lawyers, scientists, and competitive intelligence professionals. Questel built Fampat, the largest databases collections in the world and available in our portal for searching, mapping, watching, archiving and sharing information, as well as analyzing and managing IP portfolios. Since 2007, Questel has been supported by the leading European mid-cap Private Equity investor, Syntegra Capital.

STN CAS' STN databases offer the largest collection and depth of chemical and related information compared to other commercial web based databases. In addition, CAS is the only company that has a unique, proprietary, chemical structure searching capability using its STN Express software. No other source can successfully meet the USPTO's requirements.

Treparel Treparel ( produces some of the most innovative text mining and visualization solutions available. Their state-of-the-art solutions for information professionals are known for their ease of use. Treparel's KMX Patent Analytics software is designed to support deep analysis of patent text. KMX makes it easy for searchers, licensing professionals, and business analysts to complete rigorous studies of patent portfolios, technology trends, and competitive intelligence.

Research Partners:

NamesForLife NamesforLife ( was founded to solve a long-standing problem in biology: resolution of the ambiguity between nomenclature and biological objects and concepts. NamesforLife technology, N4L, makes names actionable. In a N4L-enabled document or database, when encountering a name, the user clicks or mouses over it and a menu of authoritative information is displayed: an up-to-date historical record of both the name and taxon in its current and prior states and its synonyms; technical and non-technical papers in which the organism is a key subject; information about its availability from biological resource centers, databases holding molecular sequence data; and reliable information regarding its pathogenicity, utility, and safety requirements are made available.

Vienna Technical University The Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna - is located in the heart of Europe. The TU Vienna is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution. The Information Management and Preservation Lab, part of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (IFS), covers all aspects related to making information accessible. This includes research pertaining to Data Mining and Machine Learning to analyze structure in data and provide means to visualize and interpret the data. This extends to research activities in Information Retrieval (IR) on multimodal and multilingual data, particularly text, music and images. On top of that, research in Digital Preservation aims to ensure that data, workflows and processes are authentically available over long time spans.

The IFS has the scientific leadership of the Khresmoi EU FP7 Integrated Project on multilingual multimodal medical information search. The IFS is also involved in network-oriented projects such as the COST Action MUMIA on Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access and the European Science Foundation (ESF) Research Networking Program ELIAS on Evaluating Information Access Systems, as well as the EU FP7 Network of Excellence PROMISE on Participative Research Laboratory for Multimedia and Multilingual Information Systems Evaluation, and the FP7 Coordinating Action CHORUS+ on Audio-visual Search Engines.