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CLAIMS® Global Patent Database

The CLAIMS® Global Patent Database is the latest product innovation from IFI.

Built on the Fairview Research Alexandria platform and hosted on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), the database combines information from multiple national and international sources into a single normalized format. This provides developers, researchers and services providers with the most comprehensive and consistent database available.

Data Coverage and Formats

Data from different sources are normalized and merged into standardized records and available in a single proprietary ST.36-based XML format. New patent documents and updated records are provided. Legal status, US reassignments and referenced images are included. For more information see our CLAIMS Global Patent Data Coverage documentation.

Storage and format features:

  • Single storage XML DTD for all data sources.
  • Legacy data and current documents unified into a single format.
  • Multiple data from different sources related to the same entity merged in one record.

Main Content Features:

  • Normalization of applicant and author names as well as document numbering based on standard files such as DocDB.
  • Legal status and re-assignments included.
  • Patent abstracts and fulltext from PCT's used to fill incomplete information for Euro-PCTs.
  • DocDB family IDs, application and priority information allow the construction of patent families based on user parameters.
  • Multilingual content stored with language tags.
  • Tags for data sources allow filtering.
  • Ability to separately extract and deliver new patents as well as incremental updates to existing records.

What can I do with the CLAIMS® Global Patent Database?

We provide you with an agile and cost-effective access to more than 80 million patent records, which brings together the power of self-service provisioning from a large data collection and an interacting system for data analytics.

Main uses are:
  • Deployment option for Alexandria Data Warehouse. You can define your own selection criteria to extract data feeds that can be downloaded, integrated into your internal servers, linked to corporate data or enriched with semantic annotation tools. You can create your own DataMarts.
  • Link your applications to data and indexes on the cloud and get data into the hands of your business and scientific users.The data warehouse is delivered on a linux server that also hosts a SOLR (lucene) index to the archive and a web server configured with Tomcat so that we can easily integrate other java-based tools.
The data warehouse is designed to give developers and researchers access to the data and all underlying database and search tools. It can be used directly or integrated into other enterprise environments, tool sets, or applications.

We are dedicated to providing developers and researchers the most flexible and least restrictive license terms possible.

Please Contact Us to learn more about our generous license terms and pricing.