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IFI Solutions for Patent Analysts

Patent analysts are constantly challenged by an ever increasing volume of patent information. In order to keep up with technology trends, competitors and licensing opportunities, analysts must be able to quickly process large collections of patent documents.

KMX on CLAIMS DIRECT was designed to solve this problem. Using the latest Support Vector Machine algorithms, and using the results of your prior analysis, KMX can automate the task of assigning patents to the categories you use every day. KMX does not work as a block box that produces a result that you cannot control or change. KMX allows you to train the classifier, repeatedly if necessary. It gives you feedback about how well your classifiers are working. Importing training sets, and outputting classification results is simple.

Patent Intelligence and Technology Report (PITR) provides one of the most trusted tools for portfolio analysis and technology landscaping. By tracking the patent activity of over 7,000 of the largest patent assignees, PITR can provide unequaled insights into current and historical trends.

Contact Us to find out how KMX or PITR can help you navigate your way through the patent landscape.