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Patent Solutions for Information Professionals

The CLAIMS® Patent Databases are the most reliable, value-added databases of U.S. patents in the world. IFI improves your patent searches with proprietary:
  • Company name standardization for assignees, plus Probable Assignees for applications
  • Expiration and legal status data
  • Chemical patent indexing (annotation) and title enhancements
Chemical patent indexing is a high value component of IFI’s information products and services. Since 1955, IFI chemists have been interpreting and indexing (annotating) chemical structures, polymers, reactions, and concepts in technology areas including:
  • polymers
  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotech
  • agrochemicals
  • green chemistry
  • electrochemistry
  • catalysts
  • inorganics (metal alloys, ceramics)

You can access the CLAIMS® databases through these online hosts: Dialog, Questel, and STN.

Visit the host web sites for database summaries and online access information.